Cozy Meets Chic

     Everyone has certain items in their closet that they can pretty much pair with anything.  You know the few pieces you couldn't live with out because they are your go to's on days when nothing else seems to work. They are not dependent on price or brand, they are simply classic and comfy.  I like to call these my  #liveinit pieces.  Let's start with an oversized knit sweater; these come in many variations.  I personally love the texture on the one I am wearing! It has a high-low hem and tucks perfectly into the front of your jeans. (Shop:  Boutique Allegra) Next on the list is the black cardigan, or kimono if you will.  This is the perfect item to throw on over any sweater or t-shirt.  What really sold me on mine was the slit in the back and it drapes really nicely on your bod. (Shop: Urban Outfitters) Followed by the basic stretch skinny jean.  Now I know I wear a lot of jeans with holes, but sometimes you just have to go back to the basics.  I like to add a little rolled cuff at the bottom of mine to spice things up a bit. (Shop: H&M).  A fun way to dress up the look is to add a funky clutch or handbag.  I absolutely adore this one featured! Unfortunately, I found it at a store on 40th and Broadway that is going out of business.  If you happen to be in the area, there is still hope! They have a lot of great selections and vogue inspired designs.  For the final touches, add some booties, wild flash tats, and a tribal coin necklace! Tada! 

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Get this look for $377+ on Lookastic: White Knit Oversized Sweater, Black Open Cardigan, Blue Skinny Jeans, Pink Suede Ankle Boots, Pink Knit Scarf, and Multi colored Print Leather Handbag