Modern Country

     I decided to channel my inner rocker meets country chic girl.  I'm from Georgia ya'll so I have a tendency to be drawn to dresses and big hats. However, I do live in NYC so it's all about the balance and keeping on trend. ;) Summer is on its final 2 weeks here in the big apple, (womp womp) but it's still hot for quite some time!! My advice for the transition, start pairing your dresses with booties or panama hats.  Also start sticking to more earth tones and muted colors, soon it will be time to retire your mint green bag :(  Shop my dress from For Elyse here! I am in love with the tie-back! Tip: Use coupon code BLOGLOVE at checkout for 15% off your purchase!   My hat and wedges are from LF Stores! It's that time of year again where they are having their mega sale! Everything is 60% off and more! I Highly suggest you go if you are in Cali or NY area! My fringe bag can be found at H&M!  -XOXO