My Guide to Healthier and Longer Hair (Without Breaking the Bank)


Alright guys, I wanted to share this post because I get a lot of questions about my hair. The past year or so I’ve really noticed my hair starting to finally grow and feel healthier. I had to stop and think, what have I been doing differently!? And I wanted to share it incase it helps anyone else out there! Now typically your thoughts are: What are the right products to use to make your hair grow? And are they worth it? There is everything out there from biotin pills, gummies, to horse shampoo you name it. I’m a strong believer in what works for someone, may not work for some one else. I feel the same way about make up. So with that said, this is just what I have found works for me, and maybe, just maybe it could work for you too!

I have been getting my hair colored since like 8th grade so it’s been through a lot of processing and color damage. I do have really thick, naturally curly hair so please keep that in mind. But for the longest time I could not get it to grow past my shoulders and the ends not to fry off from the heat of my blow dryer or curling iron.

Okay so here we go! My tips and tricks are as follows:

  1. Wash your hair 1-2 times a week max if possible. THIS in my opinion is the biggest pay off! I know, I know it’s tough the first few weeks and you feel like a grease ball, but trust me your hair will get used to it! I usually wash mine on the weekends and then dry shampoo is my best friend through out the week! The less heat on it the better, this is when I really started to see growth over the past couple of months! I’ll link my current favorite Dry Shampoo.

2. Spritz a few sprays of Revlon’s UniqONE All in one hair treatment on your hair after your shower and comb through wet hair. I’ve been using this product for years now and out of everything I’ve tried it’s by far my favorite. Once I comb through my wet hair, I spray about 6-7 pumps all over making sure to get from my roots to my ends. This product is not sponsored in any way, although I wish because I go through so many bottles. It leaves your hair feeling smooth and protected while applying heat!

3. The Wet Brush. If you have not already heard of this brush- well girl you’re missing out! Like I said, I have very curly hair and this brush gets my curls untangled without taking my hair with it. Your hair breaks very easily when it’s wet which is why a lot of times my hair wouldn’t grow because I was tugging at my ends with a regular brush causing them to break. I love this brush for both wet and dry hair. I don’t know what it’s secret is, but it works! Plus it’s only $7.49!

4. Invest in a decent blow dryer and round brush. I’m not saying you have to go spend $400 on a dryer, but I am talking a good $75 or so. In my opinion it’s worth it! Plus the one I have has lasted me for 3 years so far, I linked it below. Also, for my thicker hair girls, invest in a round brush!! It might take longer, but blow drying your hair with a round brush in sections will help you style it smoothly and can cut out the need for a flat iron!

5. A Good Stylist/Colorist is key. This one might seem obvious but I think it’s also important to find a colorist that gets to know your hair and will tell you NO when they think one of your crazy hair ideas is not healthy for your hair, no matter how much you want to go platinum. (ha!) True story right there. Plus they will advise you on treatments that are best for your hair if you are getting it color treated and advise on how often you should get trims. Which I believe are an important part to the hair growth process. If you are in the Atlanta area and surrounding suburbs, I recommend you check out my girl Nicole at Muse Salon & Spa. She’s awesome!!

Some other things worth mentioning:

-I use Tresemme Moisture Rich Shampoo & Conditioner. I’m not big on expensive shampoos and conditioners because I go through them so fast. This one seems to do fine for my hair!

-I DO NOT flat iron my hair. I got rid of my flat iron years ago. I get that for some of you it’s part of your hair routine. If you can cut it out great, like I said above a round brush can help eliminate the need for one!

-I DO curl my hair with the Style Winder. 2-3 Times a week.

-I use the Dry Bar round brush to blow out my hair. Pictured and linked below.