Exploring San Francisco

Where to explore:

It was my goal to visit as many places on our list as possible within a few days! If you’ve been following me for a while you know I love pretty backdrops and always do my research on places with the best views before a trip! So below are some of my favorites that are great stops if you are traveling with friends or a significant other!


Bernal Heights Park- Pretty views of San Fran! It’s an easy hike to the top where you will find this swing! Pro tip- go earlier in the day. You won’t have to wait to snap a pic on the swing! However- this place still flies pretty under the radar so chances are there might be 1 or 2 other people waiting to snap a pic.


Golden Gate Bridge Lookout- Battery Spencer located on the other side of the bridge from San Fran in Sausalito. It’s the best place for a pic of the city with the bridge! It tends to get crowded and parking can be a battle. I suggest parking down at the bottom and walking up. It only takes about 15 minutes. Pro tip- return for sunset and drive all of the way to the top. It’s unreal! (Bam Margera from Jackass asked my BF to take his photo here, haha!)


Baker Beach- You can’t really go wrong driving anywhere along the coast, but this was another spot on my list. It’s the best location to get the beach and Golden Gate Bridge in one photo. (see photo below!)


Point Bonita Lighthouse- According to a local this spot is still pretty undiscovered by most, but totally worth the hike. (Another easy one!) It was pretty foggy while we were there, but when it would break the ocean and cliffs we're beautiful!

Where to stay:

We wanted to stay in the heart of San Fran so we were close to all of the places we wanted to explore. The Clift, located in Union Square, was just what we needed and not to mention we had great views of the city from our windows. We stayed in a one bedroom suite. This includes, a dining area, living area, bedroom, bathroom, and vanity room. What more could you possibly need?


The Clift Royal Sonesta- Sometimes you just want breakfast in bed! I highly recommend!

Napa Wineries:

We figured since we had traveled all of the way to the West Coast, it was only right to check out Napa while we were there. Plus, it’s only a little over an hour from San Fran! We stayed in an AirBNB for the night that was close to the wineries and then just hopped around all day. I mean wine not!? ;) #WhenInNapa


Round Pond Estate- We were on the hunt for palm tree lined streets and based on my extensive research (ha!) I know of at least 2 that have them! Round Pond Estates and Scribe Winery. Pro tip- Both wineries need reservations. I would book a week in advance.


Robert Mondavi Winery- I love Robert Mondavi wine so this was a no brainer. Plus you can buy by the glass and don’t need reservations. :)


Domaine Chandon- Calling all champagne and sparkling wine lovers! This is your stop, plus the view is gorgeous. Not a sparkling wine fan? Don’t worry they have still wines available by glass! Pro tip- most wineries require reservations. This one does not!

  Domaine Chandon - Chase took this shot with his drone!

Domaine Chandon- Chase took this shot with his drone!

Where To Eat & Grab coffee:


Palm House Restaurant- Caribbean cuisine. If you’re looking for a lively vibe, cute decor and yummy tacos and margs. Check out Palm House! All of the food has a fun Caribbean twist, like ceviche in a coconut! (See below!)


Home Coffee Shop- I love anything rainbow so when I heard Home Bakery had Birthday Cake Lattes, well I’ve never made an easier decision. It really does taste like birthday cake in coffee form.

48 Hours in Colorado

We flew into Denver, Colorado on a Friday afternoon and stayed at the Westin Downtown.  Friday evening we had tickets to see a sold out Odesza show at Red Rocks!! I have had this amphitheater on my bucket list for a while now and let me just say it is a sight to be seen!! The venue is just as beautiful as the photos! Be prepared for some climbing though, the seating is no joke! :) Anyway the concert was amazing! Pro Tip: Ubers will pick you up at the bottom of the venue!  (Do not walk to the top like we did, or you will be in for a work out!) 


The next day we rented a white Jeep Wrangler (aka my dream car!) from an App called Turo! It's basically AirBNB for cars! It's a lot cheaper than renting from the airport, plus you get to choose the car you want.  We wanted to spend this day exploring, so we we basically picked a direction on the map (West) and started driving, top down of course ;) We drove through Keystone which had so many beautiful photo ops and mountain views! Pretty neat how there is still snow at the top of the mountains in the summer. It definitely dropped about 30 degrees when we made it closer to the top. Pro-Tip: Have a jacket or sweater on hand! 


Saturday evening we were pretty exhausted from all of our festivities and just grabbed a bite to eat in downtown Denver! It's a fun town to walk around in, they even have a free train that will take you through the downtown area. We flew out at 8 am the next morning! The trip was short & sweet, but totally worth it!! Can't wait to go back and explore some more! 

A Traveler's Guide To: Chattanooga, TN

We took an impromptu day trip from Atlanta to Chattanooga on a Sunday,  I had always passed Rock City signs on my way to Nashville for ATL and I didn't really know much about Chattanooga other than it looked really pretty from a car window! Let's just say we were very pleasantly surprised! Here are some of my recommendations: 

1.  Lover's Leap.  You can see 7 states from this view at the top of Lookout Mountain! It was a $20 admission fee, but it's totally worth it because there are a lot of photo ops along the way!  Keep reading ;) 


This is a different angle of Lover's Leap! The photo above is located on top where you see the people standing in this photo! But can we just take a minute to appreciate this waterfall! 


2.  Rainbow Hall.  We stumbled upon this magical hallway on one of the paths up to Lover's Leap. Who knew rainbows were included in the admission price? It's safe to say I'm a fan! 


3.  Rock City Bench. Stop for a photo op here! Located on the path right after you pay your admission! 


4. Stir.  Head downtown for a bite at this oyster bar known for their craft cocktails!  If you're a fan of hummus, they have a sampler of 3 kinds with pita, yummmm! See what we ordered in my foodie section! I'm also a huge fan of ambiance when picking where to dine, and this place has it going on!  


5. Polka Dot Wall.  After you walk out form a tasty meal at Stir, you will notice this vibrant wall across the street. Don't miss the opportunity to snap a quick pic! Warning: You might get photo shamed by this dude https://www.instagram.com/chadots_creep/ 

edit15 copy.jpg

6. The Dwell Hotel.  What a gem! Also located downtown, definitely staying here next time we come for longer than a few hours! It's retro, vintage decor is just too cute.  Plus they recently opened a little cafe inside, it's a perfect coffee spot in the AM. Or you can grab a night cap at their bar in the evening! 


7.  Walnut Street Bridge. It was built in 1980 so you know there is a lot if history here for all of you buffs! Plus it's really pretty to walk across! 


7 Insta-Worthy Places in Myrtle Beach

1. Myrtle Beach Boardwalk.  Pretty self explanatory, there's a beach and a ferris wheel! Perfect backdrop for a photo! Also there's restaurants. shops & rides all along the boardwalk.  I suggest going on the rides before you eat, if you know what I mean ;)


2. Mutiny Bay Mini Golf. Okay, so this one was pretty unexpected, but I must say the entry way looked like something out of Spain or the Caribbean. 


3. Ocean Bay Club Condominium.  The entry way here to the beach is too cute and totally worthy of a photo op! You can always find me under the palms, plus it matched my Veeshee tote! 


4.  Pier 14 Restaurant & Bar.  What's better than a restaurant with a boardwalk and & bar over the water!? And I must say the bar area right before the boardwalk is super cute and has a great view of the ferris wheel! Plus there is even live music! 


5. Parked Golf Carts. No seriously, haha! They are the go-to transportation to the beach and this one happened to be very cute and parked beneath a palm tree! I stumbled upon it on the side of Ocean Bay Condos, a lot park there so your odds of snagging a quick pic on one of these babies  are pretty good! 


6. Native Joes Ice Scoop & Grind .  How cute is their decor and sign!? I'm obsessed, plus the ice cream is delicious.  I got the chocolate chip and it was mmm mmm good! (Ps- they also have coffee, for all of you coffee lovers out there!) Ice cream is a must when at the beach and I've never seen a photo of ice cream I didn't like, have you?? ;)


7. Market Common. Where you can shop, dine & live! Look how cute these colorful houses are! Definitely stop by and snap a quick pic! 


7 Most Insta-Worthy Places in Atlanta

1. HENSE Wall! This colorful wall is on the Atlanta Belt Line and is a photo favorite! The closest Address is: 985 Monroe Dr NE, Atlanta, GA 30308


2.  Jackson Street Bridge.  This is the best place to go for a view of Atlanta's downtown skyline! And yes, this is in the opening scene of The Walking Dead! 


3. Piedmont Park. Located between Midtown and Virginia Highlands.  I like to think of it as a mini Central Park! Perfect for laying out on sunny days and recreation sports. Pups welcome :) 


4. Skyline Park.  Located on top of Ponce City Market. It's basically a mini theme park on a rooftop!  Known for it's great views, carnival games and mini golf course.  Oh and the bar, yes there's a bar. Hello Frosè! 


5. Skyview Atlanta. A ferris wheel located across from Centennial Park. Expect to see panoramic views of downtown Atlanta and the surrounding areas. There's even a VIP gondola with Ferrari style seats and a glass floor. Total photo op moment! 


6. Baps Shri Swaminarayan Sanstha.  I like to think of this place as a hidden gem of Atlanta.  The architecture is insane.  Looks just like you transported yourself to India! 


7. Krog Street Market.  Dining and retail in a reconstructed 1920's warehouse! Located right in the heart of Innman Park.  


7 Most Instagrammable Places in Palm Springs

1. The Saguaro Hotel.  A boutique hotel known for it's bright colored walls, amazing views, and epic pool parties! I stayed here for the ALT SUMMIT conference and could create a whole album with all of the photo ops here!  (Photo Credit- Christine Hanks Photography)


2. Ice Cream & Shop(pe).  This place is a true gem with its retro vintage vibes! Plus you can shop while you eat ice cream, what's better than that!? They have the cutest little gift shop with Shop Bando items, pool floats, basically everything you don't need but want! When in Palm Springs right... ;)


3.  That Pink Door.  I don't think it needs much explaining, no better photo op than a pink door?! Am I right? Plus the giant cactus in front really screams Palm Springs. Unfortunately, as of last week I believe the owners have banned all photos from being taken in front of the house :( BUT I do believe they still take business inquiries so there's hope! 


4. V Hotel Palm Springs.  One of the newer hotels in Palm Springs but still has the PS charm! I love their subtle, more muted vibe.  Pro Tip- You should definitely order room service and have it delivered pool side! Their cocktails & sliders are delish! (Plus they make for great photo ops!)


5. Ernest Coffee.  Coffee is a must so why not venture to this super cute, rustic coffee shop! Make sure you take your drink out to the patio where you can enjoy it on banana leaf seat cushions and snap some pics while staring at the mountains & palm trees in the distance. 


6.  The Party Lions.  Three doors down from the Pink Door and also part of the "door tour" is this fun house! The owners have an ever changing display of fun pool floats on the lions! We happen to catch the pink inner tubes, and champagne bottles! (Not pictured, yes we went back twice!) The owner happened to be pulling out as we were taking photos, she waved! 


7.  Street View. This is the street the houses featured above are on. This view screams take a picture of me! Looks like a movie scene if you ask me.  


NYC Pops of Pink

While strolling the Lower East Side of NYC we stumbled across 2 things, the cutest pink umbrella patio set and Cha Cha Matcha (coffee & tea caffe!) I need to get the name of this little pink patio place because it's adorable and I'm sure the food is fab! I thought for sure the restaurant name would be in the photo (I know what you're thinking, it's Buon Appetito, it's not I tried, womp womp) But anyway you have to stop by Cha Cha Matcha and get the Matcha Lemonade, so refreshing! Plus, how cute are their napkins!? There is usually a line outside the door, but it moves fast and totally worth it! XOXO 


Wall Murals NYC & ATL

 NYC- Lower East Side @KelseyMontagueArt 

NYC- Lower East Side @KelseyMontagueArt 

 NYC- Lower East Side @manserart    

NYC- Lower East Side @manserart 


 NYC-Lower East Side @jgoldcrown 

NYC-Lower East Side @jgoldcrown 

 Atlanta- Old 4th Ward 

Atlanta- Old 4th Ward 

No better #photop then wall murals! Here are some of my favorites recently that we have stumbled upon! I'm going to keep this an on going post as I stumble upon more :) XOXO 

Scottsdale, AZ

One of my closest friends Jen had her bachelorette party in Scottsdale, AZ! And I have to say it is B-E-A-Utiful there!! Yes it may have been 110 degrees BUT there is no humidity and plenty of pools so it's really not so bad! Just don't walk without shoes on in the sun ;) We stayed at The Canyon Suites at The Phoenician and the backdrop there is like a movie scene! You have the mountains literally right behind you and palm trees with the bluest sky I have ever seen! One of the days we went to the W hotel pool party! This is a must! Plenty of other bachelorette parties and just what we needed for a getting a little rowdy! XOXO 


San Destin, Florida


Alright ya'll finally got around to posting some photos from my 4th of July weekend in Destin! We had perfect weather and it was so nice being reunited with one of my bestfriends  from NYC!  I pretty much spent the entire weekend in a swimsuit, which I guess is how it's supposed to be at the beach!  

Of course I brought along my Veeshee bag! I can't get enough of this tote for summer, I bring it EVERYWHERE! I got my cover up last year from Urban Outfitters and I just love the ombre effect! I found some on their website by the same brand that are very similar and just as cute! I linked them below! I also really love my hat from American Threads.  I didn't see it online, but I just got it 2 weeks ago in stores, so it should still be there! And what would 4th of July be without an american flag swimsuit?? Any excuse to be festive right? Target really is my go-to for swimsuits :)   Hope ya'll are having a great summer! XOXO